• "Bob Saget's Here For You - Bob's new podcast on all platforms including Apple and Spotify.

    Bob Saget’s Here For You is a podcast like no other because of Bob’s inherent ability to calm people, especially while they’re going through a difficult time, which we all are at present. Bob speaks to his audience as a friend, as the dad with great advice, as the irreverent funny guy who’s always there when you need a laugh, and as the free-associative Bob Saget who’s known to go off on crazy tangents while caught up in a story and then return to the subject at hand, as serious or as comedic as it may be. He wraps up each episode in a way that only Bob can because he really does believe, he’s here for you.

  • ZERO TO SIXTY is out on Platforms EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Bob's latest stand-up special, shot in Brooklyn, ZERO TO SIXTY Is out right NOW on multiple digital platforms including Amazon, Starz, TubiTV, Vimeo, Comcast, Cox Communications, Dish, Google Play, and many others.

    AMAZON PRIME- https://amzn.to/2WEpUMS
    Vimeo—————-—> http://bit.ly/2jdUgCE
    Starz——————-> https://starz.tv/2kosYxT
    TubiTV——————-> http://bit.ly/2WOyR8S

    Apple Music: https://apple.co/2WIfT0S
    Link for ALL Audio Platforms: https://orcd.co/zerotosixty

  • Benjamin - Available Now On Apple TV, iTunes, and HULU!

    “Benjamin,” an independent film Bob directed and acted in with an incredible cast— is out now on Apple TV, iTunes and HULU, as well as Redbox.
    It’s a dark comedy about a teen, played by Max Burkholder, who the family believes is on crystal meth. Mary Lynn Rajskub, playing Bob’s girlfriend, posts on Facebook that they need to have an intervention to help him. Rob Corddry, the family gynecologist, leads the intervention. Soon, it becomes clear that those who are confronting Benjamin’s problem also have many problems of their own. The film also stars Kevin Pollak, Peri Gilpin, Cheri Oteri, Dave Foley, Clara Mamet, David Hull, Jonny Weston, and James Preston Rogers.


    Uproarious, uncensored, and heartfelt stories from a life in entertainment and beyond. Deals with death and comedy and how comedy helped Bob and his family deal with loss.

    “Hilarious and at times heartbreaking.” – Vanity Fair

    Available everywhere books, e-books, and audio books are sold!

  • That's What I'm Talkin' About - see it, hear it

    In his Grammy nominated special, Saget lets loose and embraces the dark side as he tells his favorite irreverent jokes and stories about his dad - the guy who made him like this. New Video and Audio packages available NOW!!


It was another amazing event that raised $920,000 money for research for the cure to scleroderma— At Caroline’s On Broadway-- Bob hosted but it wouldn’t have been possible without guest comedians Michael Che, Jim Gaffigan Gilbert Gottfried, and John Oliver - Hot Cuisine by...


  • Nov 2, 2020
    White Cap 
    Dakota Dunes Casino
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  • Nov 3, 2020
    Casino Regina
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  • Nov 5, 2020
    Jack Singer Concert Hall
    This date is being...

On April 25, 2019 The Scleroderma Research Foundation Raised more money for research! Hosted by Bob and Cuisine as always by Top Chefs Susan Feniger & Mary Sue Millikin and appearances by John Stamos, Ken Jeong, Ray Romano and Dave Chappelle!!

Once again at Caroline's in Times Square, we raised over $1,000,000 benefitting my beloved Scleroderma Resarch Foundation thanks to the talents of Michael Che, Andy Cohen, John Oliver, Jeff Ross & Special Musical Guest Jackson Browne!